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What does contiguous mean?

Contiguous means adjacent, or continuous without gaps or interruption. A contiguous line is an unbroken line. A contiguous row of bricks is a row of bricks that have been plac (MORE)

What is contiguous empire?

It means the empire's land is adjacent to one another, meaning they are connected and not separated by water or another empire's territory. In some major empires like the Pers (MORE)
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What is a contiguous occurrence?

Contiguous is being adjoined, next to something, or grouped. Occurrence is simply something happening or taking place. A contiguous occurrence is a group of things that happen (MORE)

How many states are part of the contiguous US which states are not contiguous?

Contiguous refers to states that aretouching. Hawaii and Alaska are non-contiguous U.S. states becausethey do not touch any other state. Each of the 48 contiguous U.S.states t (MORE)