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Which continent is called a continent and a country?

Australia. It is a country, continent, and an island. Nice, huh? Australia is also half desert. It contains the Great Sandy and the Great Victoria Deserts, and the Outback. St (MORE)
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What continent is the island continent?

Both Australia and Antarctica are regarded as island continents. They are, first and foremost, continents, but because they are both surrounded by water, they are known as isl (MORE)

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What is a continent what are the names of the continent?

A continent is a group of countries, put into a big group called a continent. The continents are: Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceana, Antartica, South America and North America.
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What is a continent?

A continent is a large contiguous land mass. Originally, continents  were determined geo-politically: large land masses separated from  each other by oceans and mountain ran (MORE)