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Is continued an adverb?

Continued is not an adverb. For example, "Meanwhile, the snow  continued to fall from the sky."

What is continuous printing?

  Printing on a continuous "web" of paper from large uncut reels. Because there is no need to feed sheets of paper the press can run much faster and paper can be bought wh (MORE)

What is point of continuance?

It is the point of the road when you make the decision to keep going while covering the brake. Knowing that the green light is soon going to change yellow.
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What is the difference between continual and continuous?

This is a great question because these two words are used incorrectly all the time.  Continual implies recurrence at regular or frequent intervals - for example: 'Dancing req (MORE)

What is a continuous state?

The word is contiguous. The 48 contiguous states are the states located on the North America continent that are between Canada and Mexico.
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What is continuous loan?

A continuous loan is one which has no predefined end date. The loan  is constantly being paid into, extended, and changed based on the  needs of the consumer or business.
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What is a continuous variable?

A continuous variable is one that can assume different values between each point. Put as an example (e.g when looking at height) one can assume a height of 178, 178.1, 178.2. (MORE)

Will animorphs continue?

I want them too, but sadly no, BUT they did Restart the series in may 2011, they just have diffrent covers
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