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What is the difference between continual and continuous?

This is a great question because these two words are used incorrectly all the time. . Continual implies recurrence at regular or frequent intervals - for example: 'Dancing re (MORE)
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What is biological continuity?

The thread of descent that connects all life - All life comes from life. A succession of parts intimately united. Answer 2 All organisms are produced by their parents , gen (MORE)
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What is the theory of continuity?

first discovered by Atchley in 1989. This was discovered following the contraversy that came with the dis-engagement theory. It is the theory that as we grow older we maintai (MORE)

What is a continuous line?

A continuous line means a single-unbroken line. In the case of visual art it is when an entire picture is made without lifting the tool (pen, pencil etc) from the surface (pap (MORE)

What is Lack of continuity?

In the business world we are running like a horse. In this we face every thing and do so many thing for reach the particular goal in the same we miss something for negligence (MORE)