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What is the meaning of continuing education?

  Continuing education is any training or classes that one takes after completing formal education. Continuing education can be college classes taken after completing a fo (MORE)

What are examples of continuing education?

Continuing education is required for almost all kinds of work for professionals like Certified Public Accountants or CPAs (CPA Continuing Professional Education), Insurance Ag (MORE)

Why education is a continuous process?

learning is an other name of life.where learning stops life end.we can through education .no body can be perfect fully educated even learning of whole human being can (MORE)

How to implement continuing nursing education?

Online courses consist of an online e-book, followed by an online final exam which can be taken for instant grading and certification. Upon successful completion of the final (MORE)

What are the CPA continuing education requirements in CA?

CPA License Renewal Date Last day of birth month in odd or even year corresponding to the odd or even year of birth. CPE Reporting Period Biennial on the last day of birth (MORE)

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Where can someone get continuing education insurance?

You can carry on your education in insurance field during your jobperiod to improve your skills according to the new trend. There areso many organization that offer continuing (MORE)