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What are the 3 pros and 3 cons of contortion?

Pros 1. Less likely to develope arthritis in your fingers due to strengthening by pinching the floor in handstands 2. Flexilibty will help prevent you from potential injur (MORE)

What does contortion mean?

    Contortion means to twist, wrench, or bend severely out of shape.     It can be used to describe feelings, objects, or is also a hobby preformed by humans b (MORE)

What are the easiest contortion poses to practice as a beginner?

It would definitely be the scorpion and the bow and arrow. The scorpion is when you put one leg up to your head by pulling it up by the arm on the same side and balance, sta (MORE)
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How do you breathe when you are in a contortion position?

For starters, let's just keep in mind that any type of breathing is better than no breathing at all (often times when I works with students they have a habit of holding their (MORE)