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What is contraband?

Contrabands (n) are goods prohibited by law or treaty from being imported or exported or an escaped slave during the Civil War who fled to or was taken behind Union lines. Xo (MORE)
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Contraband in a sentence?

The officer spotted contraband in the glove compartment when the driver opened it to look for the registration.
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What is an example of contraband?

Examples would be cigars from Cuba, liquor transported duringProhibition, illegal drugs transported from country to country orbetween states.
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What is a Contraband camp?

During the American Civil War contraband camps were camps that heldrunaway slaves. As a way to oppose the institution of slavery inthe South Union soldiers supplied refuge to (MORE)
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Did smugglers keep the contraband in caves?

Rarely if ever. There are a lot of romantic myths about smugglers and the dreadful "wreckers", and this is almost certainly one of them. For one thing, sea-caves are not ever (MORE)
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Why is contraband important?

Contraband is illegal to possess or sell. In international trade, contraband can devalue real goods not only by diluting the market, but also by distributing lower-quality goo (MORE)
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Was Abraham Lincoln for contraband or against it?

This question is vague, contraband reefers to items which have been restricted by a governing body. So are you asking if Lincoln was against the restriction of certain item (MORE)
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Who were contrabands duing the Civil War?

They were originally African Americans who reached the Union lines leaving the south. The name originated from General Benjamin Butler labeling them the "contrabands of war" a (MORE)
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Why is it wrong to buy contraband cigarattes?

Its because contraband cigarattes are cheap and many people would want to buy it. Well.. but government are trying real hard to stop people from smoking, so its illegal.