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What is a contraceptive map?

The Morning After Pill (MAP). The morning-after pill is a multiple dose of an oral contraceptive. The MAP may prevent ovulation or, if fertilization has occurred, it may (MORE)
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What is a contraceptive?

Contraceptives is a name for various products that can allow people to have sex w/o getting pregnant. A condom for instance will not only protect against pregnancy, but also a (MORE)
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What is 'contraception'?

a drug , a condom , a pill , a implant ect ... these stop pregnancy or S.T.D's.
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What are some contraceptive?

Abstinence Birth Control Pill Depo-Provera Patch Ring (ex. Nuva Ring) Implanon Emergency Contraceptive (ex. the morning after pill) Intrauterine Device (IUD) Condom Female Con (MORE)
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Where can you get contraception?

Contraception is available at pharmacies, although it is available at many general stores too. Check the links below about picking a contraceptive and using condoms.
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What age do you have to be to get contraceptives?

There is no "minimum age" per se to be prescribed contraceptives. Certain medications that are not oral contraceptives (Depo-Provera, NuvaRing, IUD's) may not have been studie (MORE)
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What are ways of contraception?

Abstinence is the only 100% effective method of birth control. There are lots of different ways for contraception. There is: -male or female condom -diaphragm -the pi (MORE)
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Is contraception halal?

No. Birth control is not halal as per Islam. shia: yes it is Halal before that sperm fertilizes the egg. but the only condition is that it shouldn't attached to Haram ac (MORE)
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What are your views on contraception?

As any faithful Catholic, my views on contraception are formed by the constant infallible teaching of the Church, which is contained in the Encyclical Letter of Pope Paul VI, (MORE)