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What is emergency contraceptive?

Answer . Have you ever heard of the "Morning After Pill"?. It is something that can be used after intercourse, however do not rely on it alone. If you're going to have u (MORE)
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What is a contraceptive?

Contraceptives is a name for various products that can allow people to have sex w/o getting pregnant. A condom for instance will not only protect against pregnancy, but also a (MORE)
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What is the history of contraceptives?

1550 B.C. An Egyptian manuscript called the Ebers Papyrus directs women on how to mix dates, acacia and honey into a paste, smear it over wool and use it as a pessary to pr (MORE)
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Examples of contraceptives?

Condoms, IUDs, birth control pills, depot birth control medications (e.g. monthly, or quarterly), morning-after pill methods, contraceptive sponge, cervical cap, sterilization (MORE)
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Where can you get contraception?

Contraception is available at pharmacies, although it is available at many general stores too. Check the links below about picking a contraceptive and using condoms.
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What are the uses of contraceptives?

Birth control is typically used for preventing pregnancy, but it can also be used to regulate, shorten and/or lighten your period. Contraceptives can also decrease a females' (MORE)

How is contraception used?

It is taken / used as directed to prevent pregnancy. The Pill is taken daily, a condom is used only during sex - every method is different.