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What is contracture?

A contracture is the permanent tightening of fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments, or skin that occurs when normally elastic connective tissues are replaced with nonelastic fib (MORE)
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How are contractures prevented?

Range of motion (ROM) exercises help to prevent contracture. Chemicals can be used to prevent contractures from becoming fixed when ROM exercise is inadequate. Phenol or alcoh (MORE)
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What does contracture mean?

A contracture is the loss of full range of motion of a joint due to changes in the soft tissues (muscles and tendons) surrounding that joint. In contracture, the muscle fibers (MORE)
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Is passive range of motion exercises for the prevention of contractures in paralyzed patients?

Passive range of motion exercises are used to rehabilitate many conditions, including the prevention of contractures in paralyzed patients.
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Why do elderly people with dementia clench their hands into fists until they get contractures?

  Contractures happen when a person, especially the elderly, become physically inactive over long periods of time. Muscle fibers start to break down several months before (MORE)