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What is contracture?

A contracture is the permanent tightening of fascia,muscles, tendons, ligaments, or skin that occurs when normallyelastic connective tissues are replaced with nonelastic fib (MORE)

Flexion contracture of the knee causes?

Contracture is defined as the shortening of the connective tissue. The common opinion of surgeons is that flexion contracture is due to tightening of the posterior capsule com (MORE)
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What does contracture mean?

A contracture is the loss of full range of motion of a joint due to changes in the soft tissues (muscles and tendons) surrounding that joint. In contracture, the muscle fibers (MORE)
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Do contractures heal?

Prognosis of contractures will depend upon the cause of the contracture. In general, the earlier the treatment for the contracture begins, the better the prognosis
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What is capsular contracture?

A thick scar that normally forms around the implant, called a capsule, can become very hard. This is called capsular contracture, and may result in pain and possible altered a (MORE)
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What are contracture scars?

Contracture scars are caused by the loss of a large section of skin due to burns or other injury. The scar contracts or tightens around the wound. This contraction could impac (MORE)
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How are contractures prevented?

Range of motion (ROM) exercises help to prevent contracture. Chemicals can be used to prevent contractures from becoming fixed when ROM exercise is inadequate. Phenol or alcoh (MORE)
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What is the use of contractures?

Contractures are the shortening of various soft tissues in the human body after a spinal cord injury. You must do range of motion exercises in order to prevent contractures fr (MORE)