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How does the discovery of isotopes contradict Dalton's theory?

One of the tenets of Dalton's atomic theory was that atoms of an element are all identical to each other. However, isotopes are "versions" of an element that have different nu (MORE)

In what case did the US Supreme Court rule that separate but equal is a contradiction in terms?

Although the Court didn't explicitly state "separate but equal" was a contradiction in terms, the actual quote makes it clear they thought it was: "We conclude that in the f (MORE)

What is an example of value contradiction?

If one were to take a "pro-life" position (which the majority of people in many locales do), and do everything to prevent a woman from aborting a fetus, but, at the same time, (MORE)
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How are redundancies and contradictions in a decision table found?

Redundancies is found when there are 2 rules no matter what condition is that, the final action are the same. For example, 1st rule: if today is Raining day and if it is Wee (MORE)

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What are the contradictions about God in the Bible and in the Quran?

Contradictions about God in the QuranI challenge anyone to find even one contradictions or erros in the Quran. Be it about God, or anything else. And lets share what u've foun (MORE)

Why does the Qur'an contradict itself?

Quran do not contradict itself, the only problem is with the translation. Since Quran is written in arabic language and arabic language is very rich in literature as well as i (MORE)

What are the contradictions in John's Gospel?

Another answer from our community:    There are none. There are some things hard to understand and  especially many deep spiritual truths, but no contradictions. Since (MORE)

Does Mormonism contradict the Bible?

This is a very good question. From a former Mormon practitioner,  let me shed a little light on this subject.   Mormonism, specifically the introduction was from a boy th (MORE)
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Does science contradict evolution?

Darwin said that in the future fossil records would either prove or  disprove his theory, and the giants gaps in the records are to  quick. Even if a group of fossilized spe (MORE)