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What are contrails?

contrails are "clouds" formed by the hot, humid air from plane/jet engines which mixes with water vapor high in the sky, then turning into ice crystals which then create contr (MORE)
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How do contrails change the weather?

since contrails could form into cirrus clouds, and cirrus clouds form a warm front, the weather should change from being warm in the afternoon and cooler at night.

What causes the contrail of a jet airplane?

The heat of the compressed air from the aircraft engine via the engine's exhaust heats the water vapor in the air (air is cooler in the atmosphere) making condensation in the (MORE)
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What are jet contrails?

Jet contrails are water condensation resulting from the rapid compression and decompression of the air around the wing as the airplane moves through the atmosphere. The atm (MORE)
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What forms contrail clouds?

Contrails are formed from the moisture in the exhaust of an airplane. The moisture condenses or crystallizes to form a visible cloud.

Do contrails affect the weather?

Contrails can be considered to be cirrus clouds, since they are structurally the same. These high clouds have a strong tendency to allow shortwave solar radiation to pass thro (MORE)
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What are contrails and how do they form?

Contrails are the white, cloudlike trails left behind jets flying in the sky. They form when water vapor, a byproduct of the combustion taking place in the jet engines, conden (MORE)

What is it that causes contrails?

Contrails are long, artificial clouds that are man-made, sometimes trailing an aircraft. They are made most commonly by the water vapor in the exhaust of the engines of aircr (MORE)
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How long do contrails persist?

It depends on atmosphere conditions, but they begin to dissipateright away, mostly gone in about 15 or 20 minutes, but can lastlonger on a still day.