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What is a contralateral pathway?

A contralateral motor pathway is a neutral pathway located at theopposite side of the brain. It is on the eighth nerve of thecochlear nucleus.
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What is contralateral hemiparesis?

Contralateral hemiparesis is weakness on one side of the body,caused by an injury to the other side of the brain. Since eachhemisphere of the brain controls the opposite side ( Full Answer )
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What is a contralateral response?

A contralateral response is when a stimulus is sensed on one side of the spinal column, but the response and effectors of that stimulus occur on the opposite side of the spina ( Full Answer )
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Is the patellar reflex ipsilateral or contralateral?

The patellar reflex is ipsilateral. If the stimulus is applied to left knee cap, the left knee responds. On the other hand, if the right knee were to respond to a left knee st ( Full Answer )
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Is the left shoulder the contralateral shoulder?

'contralateral' means 'the other side'. So, if I'm talking about your right shoulder, the left is the contralateral. If I'm talking about your left shoulder, the right is the ( Full Answer )
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What does contralateral mean in medical terminology?

Contralateral means the opposite side to the side being tested. Forinstance, in audiology, the right ear has a probe inserted but weare actually testing the response that the ( Full Answer )
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Is the gallbladder and the appendix contralateral?

No the gallbladder is superior to the appendix. Contralateral onlyapplies if they were to be opposite ends of each other i.e. theright arm is contralateral to the left leg.
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What is contralateral neglect?

Contralateral neglect is a disturbance of the patient's ability to respond to stimuli on the side of the body opposite (contralateral) to the side of brain lesion, in the abse ( Full Answer )
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What is contralateral control in the brain?

Right half of the brain control left half of the body, while left half of the brain control right half of the body. This working pattern is called contralateral control.