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What is contra - indication?

when someone says something that is against what someone else says.. pain in RT< hypochondrium -urinary tract infaction -dysuria -follw up after removal of stone _c (MORE)

Cheats for contra?

The only cheat is on the main menu. It's for 30 lives. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.

What is contra account?

A contra-account is a sub-account or a related account that normally has the opposite balance, thereby reducing the balance of the main account. For example, Reserve for Bad D (MORE)

Who were the sandinistas and the contras?

1980's-two rebel groups in nicaragua, the sardinistas over through the dictator and set up a communist style government. The USA first supported (with money) the sardinistas, (MORE)

Where contra is used?

If you mean the contra code, than it is used in a wide varity of Japanese video games. left left right right up down up down A B start select. There are also other versions.

What are contra items?

As far as accounting is concerned, i believe Contra Items areentries that set off each other; the second entry is posted tocancel off the first one which is assumed being init (MORE)
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What was contra?

If you mean the video game, contra was a sidee scrolling shooting game for the NES that has been hailed as one the hardest in history, and has the legendary "Konami code"

What is Contra funds?

Contra Funds are Mutual Funds that usually take a contrasting approach to investment when compared to regular mutual funds. They are usually extremely risky and may outperform (MORE)