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How do you control the Spitfire fighter controls?

The Spitfire's controls were no different than any other fighter of  the period. Main control was on a 'joystick ' between the pilots  knees, rudder pedals under his feet an (MORE)

What are the controls on depict1?

A or X - Move Left D or C - Move Right J - Jump K - Throw Spikes Spacebar - Suicide Esc - Return to menu
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How is transpiration controlled?

  Transpiration is largely controlled by the humidity of the atmospheric and moisture content of the soil.   --  (MORE)

He who controls the past controls the future?

He who controls the past controls the future is a very famous  quote. The quote means that having information about the past can  easily help you in predicting the future.
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How do you control current?

Electrical current can be changed using a variable resistor. A resistor can be selected to allow a certain current at a specific voltage. Ohms' Law.
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Do you control your brain or does your brain control you?

Let's consider an analogy. The Human body and the computer: The brain can be compared to the CPU of a computer. The Skeletal muscular system would then be the equivalent of (MORE)

Why control is important?

Control is important in many ways because it allows you to have a handle the growth or lack there of within your business or organization. Control will allow you to slow down (MORE)
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Who controlled Russia?

The revolution of 1917 produced an almost all-Jewish government in Russia; and by that time power [of Ashkenazim] over governments in the West was so great that the nature of (MORE)

How to control diabetes?

Answer 1: Eating healthy, drinking water, eating food with  less carbohydrates and sugar are all benefactors of controlling  diabetes. Depending on type 1 or 2, knowing what (MORE)

How do you control diarrhea?

Immodium works well, there are also generics with the same components that work just as well.
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