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What is the remedy to control high uric acid 7.7 cause swelling in both legs for last 6-7 months .sainis

dear i was suffering with this problem science nov 2008 as swelling in right leg earlier there was salatites dignase by Dr.singh . as these were the symptoms at nov 2008 (feve (MORE)

What does 7 stands for in windows 7?

It is the 7th version of Windows. Windows Version List: Windows 1.0 Windows 2.0 Windows 3.0 (NT was code versioned Windows 3.1, so gets shoved here) All Windows 9x v (MORE)

What is 7?

Seven is a number. It is between two other numbers, 6 and 8. Seven is an odd number and was named after the Great Roman God, Seventhius, also known as the weather god.
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How do you disable Onboard VGA Controller using Windows 7?

onboard video cards are enabled or disabled in the system bios, which is able to be entered on boot by pressing a key or key combination, your documentation should tell the ke (MORE)