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What is the remedy to control high uric acid 7.7 cause swelling in both legs for last 6-7 months .sainis

dear i was suffering with this problem science nov 2008 as swelling in right leg earlier there was salatites dignase by Dr.singh . as these were the symptoms at nov 2008 (feve (MORE)
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What is '7' called 7 squared?

if you mean why is 7 called 7 squared, because it's a short way of saying 7x7 and for short it's 7 squared or 7 with a little 2 next to it on the top right hand corner, and th (MORE)

What does 7 stands for in windows 7?

It is the 7th version of Windows. Windows Version List: Windows 1.0 Windows 2.0 Windows 3.0 (NT was code versioned Windows 3.1, so gets shoved here) All Windows 9x v (MORE)

He who controls the past controls the future?

He who controls the past controls the future is a very famous  quote. The quote means that having information about the past can  easily help you in predicting the future.
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Do you control your brain or does your brain control you?

Let's consider an analogy. The Human body and the computer: The brain can be compared to the CPU of a computer. The Skeletal muscular system would then be the equivalent of (MORE)

What is 7?

Seven is a number. It is between two other numbers, 6 and 8. Seven is an odd number and was named after the Great Roman God, Seventhius, also known as the weather god.
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