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What is controlling?

Ä°t is to handle something/someone in the appropriate manner, without hurting them physically or emotionally
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What is a control?

"In an experiment, a control is a treatment which is included to provide a reference set of data which can be compared with data obtained from the experimental treatments.". (MORE)

How do you be controlling?

Answer . Most of us should be in control of our lives to a point, but never used to be cruel, hurt someone or take away their dignity. If a person is totally controlling ar (MORE)

How to control?

relationships should never be about control they should be about give and take, sharing your ideas wants and beliefs. If you are like that then there is no need for control. A (MORE)

What is a controll?

If you intended to spell "control" with two l's, CONtroll is the 99 construction clan of runescape, the leader of which is someone with a simmliar name to mine - they are call (MORE)

How do you control the Spitfire fighter controls?

The Spitfire's controls were no different than any other fighter ofthe period. Main control was on a 'joystick ' between the pilotsknees, rudder pedals under his feet and a th (MORE)

What does a body control module control?

It operates the lights, windows, radio, etc. New cars the radio plays after key is off until you open the door. That is one function it does. Turns off dome lite when key is i (MORE)
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What is controller in control systems?

Any access control needs control system as a user interface which directs access control work. We offer door lock system and we attach control system with it for administrator (MORE)