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How do you control the Spitfire fighter controls?

The Spitfire's controls were no different than any other fighter of  the period. Main control was on a 'joystick ' between the pilots  knees, rudder pedals under his feet an (MORE)

How do you control what you dream about?

  1. You have to turn off any music, or noise that is distracting in the backround   2. Think of who you want to dream about   3. Think of where the setting is   (MORE)

What is the controlled reader?

\nIt is a machine that passes a filmstrip with a short story on it through at a certain rate. As the reader improves at that rate, it can be reset to go faster. It is an ama (MORE)

What is stock control?

Stock control is a way to control inventory for buisnesses. Stock control could be done by a computer to make sure inventory does not get out of control.
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What is adaptive control?

Adaptive control involves modifying the control law used by a controller to cope with the fact that the parameters of the system being controlled are slowly time-varying or un (MORE)

Do you control your brain or does your brain control you?

Let's consider an analogy. The Human body and the computer: The brain can be compared to the CPU of a computer. The Skeletal muscular system would then be the equivalent of (MORE)

What are the MW2 controls?

Left arrow is the scoreboard in multiplayer only. LT is aim down sight LB is to throw your special grenade L is to move click it to sprint D Pad is your inventory R is to loo (MORE)