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What is the meaning of controversial?

It is a topic that can easily generate disagreement aboutsomething, caused by the opinions of people and whether they thinkit is necessary or not.
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Why is hajj controversial?

It is not true that Hajj is controversial. It is an established ritual worship and is the fifth pillar of Islam five pillars. Refer to question below for more information.
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Why is the hijab controversial?

Hijab is a religion requirement. It should cover hair, head, and neck but not face and hands. However, in some countries non Muslims are against it because they feel that it i (MORE)
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What is the evolution controversy?

The controversy regarding evolution is the debate about thevalidity of the scientific model sparked by the inability ofvarious religious groupings to reconcile this scientific (MORE)
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What is a controversial argument?

it is an argument where the participants, dispute or deny each others point of view and therefore may not come to an amicable agreement
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What is the donatist controversy?

An event that took place in the 4/5th century in Rome. Some Christians bent to the will of Diocletian during the great persecution and the Donatists didn't think that those pe (MORE)
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Why caravaggio was controversial?

Caravaggio was controversial because he often depicted religious figures in a way that the Church disagreed with. For example, in this painting of The Death of the Virgin, it (MORE)
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What are the controversies of cloning?

Cloning of animals or higher life forms poses many moral and religious issues for many people. Arguments often call cloning "playing God" and interfering with nature. There ar (MORE)
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Can remittances be controversial?

Only if they are channeled through undocumented channels, or Hawala (as they are called). Hawala remittances are undocumented remittances, that usually do not show up on docum (MORE)