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What is Conundrum?

Conundrum: a riddle whose answer is or involves a pun; it may also be a paradox or difficult problem
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What is the andrums conundrum?

The lyrics in The Shins' song Australia does not say Andrums Conundrum, but rather Androids conundrum, referring to living without being alive. The term Andrums Conundrum mean (MORE)

What is a sentence for conundrum?

The likely negative outcomes of every one of the possible courses of action created a bewildering conundrum.
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A sentence for conundrum?

'Sally found herself in a conundrum when trying to decide whether  to spend the day with her best friend, or her new boyfriend.'  Conundrum is a noun.

Sentence with conundrum?

A conundrum just means, essentially, something confusing. An  example sentence would be: That is quite a conundrum, they might  need help.

What is an enigma conundrum?

An enigma and a conundrum are both riddles, puzzles, problems to be solved which are difficult to solve.
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What is Fulcrum's Conundrum?

The hardest math problem ever Also, according to True Jackson V.P, the answer is 16. I paused the screen showing the problem, and x=16
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What is the answer to Neopets Lenny conundrum 439?

under the tree in faerieland is what I got, but I feel as though I'm missing a part of the message. Roll Bread Muffin Baguette Under The Tree In Faerieland is what you get if (MORE)