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Where does the word conundrum come from?

Conundrum - word origin: 16th century; University Latin slang for pedant, pedantic whim or word play. Websters Unabridged 2nd Edition. So is it possible that a group of colleg (MORE)

Are conundrums mixed up words?

No. A conundrum is a riddle or puzzle, especially a complex one. A more specific use of the word is "a riddle that is answered by a pun." The term "malaprop" or "malapropism (MORE)
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What is the andrums conundrum?

The lyrics in The Shins' song Australia does not say Andrums Conundrum, but rather Androids conundrum, referring to living without being alive. The term Andrums Conundrum mean (MORE)

A sentence for conundrum?

'Sally found herself in a conundrum when trying to decide whether  to spend the day with her best friend, or her new boyfriend.'  Conundrum is a noun.