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Can i pay anybody with a convenience check?

  You probably can pay them with that, but they don't have to accept it, and could demand cash, money order or cashiers check instead. Many businesses these days are no lo (MORE)
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What is a relationship of convenience?

a relationship of convenience is dating someone simply because he or she is around all the time (i.e. conveniently located in your life) rather than having a real romantic con (MORE)

What is flag of convenience?

Historically a vessel on the high seas flew the flag of its country of origin. In the 20th century, such countries as the US imposed laws on shipping companies such as paying (MORE)

What is a convenience check?

  Inconvenient Convenient Checks   It is a check drawn on your credit card just like any other check you write, except that it is considered a cash advance by your cr (MORE)

What are convenience goods?

Ans 1> These are widely distributed and relatively inexpensive goods which are purchased frequently and with minimum of effort, such as petrol, newspapers, and most grocery it (MORE)

What is a convenience outlet?

A convenience outlet is any outlet that is in a convenient location for its use. An example would be kitchen counter receptacles. Receptacles that are located behind appliance (MORE)

What are convenient goods?

These are goods you buy frequently and you wouldn't normally compare prices with other shops e.g. bread, butter, chocolate.   Convenient goods are Widely distributed and re (MORE)
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What is the procedure of convenience sampling?

Convenience sampling is also know as grab sampling. There is no  procedure for the sampling itself because the emphasis at this  stage is usually on improving other aspects (MORE)