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Are earthquakes characteristics of convergent boundaries?

Yes, because since earthquake's are so strong and powerful. Thank you, from, hope you use this website for any question you that HAVE to be answered. (We have (MORE)
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What is the definition of convergent boundary?

okay, a convergent boundary is when 2 plate tectonics collide together and making volcanoes or mountains :D
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What does Convergent boundary cause?

It can cause earthquakes, volcanoes, oceanic trenches, mountains, tsunamis, and subduction.
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What is a convergent boundary?

a convergent boundary is when plates run in to each other that one of them slides up and crumples normally making a volcano or mountain
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What forms at a convergent boundary?

A convergent boundary is a place where two plates collide, which can form earthquakes from the impact, and volcanoes. Mountains can also be formed by this process. The Himalay (MORE)

Is a mountain a example of a convergent boundary?

A mountain is an example of a possible result of converging plate boundaries. An actual example of a converging plate boundary would be the Indian-Eurasian Plate Boundary whic (MORE)
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How do earthquakes occur on convergent boundaries?

Earthquakes occur on convergent boundaries because as the plates  bump together, the ground becomes unstable. This process of plate  movement also causes the formation of mo (MORE)