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What is the effect of a convergent plate boundary?

When convergent plates collide one is pushed beneath the other plate and sinks into the Earth's mantle. This process is known as subduction. Subduction creates trenches in the (MORE)

Why volcanoes form at a convergent boundaries?

A volcano forms at a convergent boundary when two plates (At least one being Oceanic) collide. Then the less dense Oceanic plate sinks/slides under the other. This process is (MORE)
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What forms at a convergent boundary?

A convergent boundary is a place where two plates collide, which can form earthquakes from the impact, and volcanoes. Mountains can also be formed by this process. The Himalay (MORE)

How are volcanoes formed at convergent boundaries?

In convergences between two oceanic plates OR between an oceanic and a continental plate, the more dense plate subducts under the less dense plate and moves toward the mantle. (MORE)

Is the Himalayas on a convergent boundary?

Yes, the Himalayas are located on a convergent boundary.    There are three types of convergent boundaries:   -Oceanic-Oceanic   -Oceanic-Continental   -Conti (MORE)

What is a convergent boundary with its characteristic?

Convergent boundaries are formed when two plates on the earth's surface collide. This may cause one of three things to happen. One, one plate will be forced under the other ca (MORE)

How are divergent and convergent boundaries different?

At Divergent boundaries two plates split and tear apart moving away from one another, while at Convergent boundaries plates moves toward each other from opposite directions.
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