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What is the Principle of cookery?

The basic principle of cookery is to tenderize food so that it iseasier to digest. Taste of the food is also another important thingto consider. The ultimate goal is to provid ( Full Answer )
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What is rechauffe cookery?

rechauffe cooking or warm over food is preheat the food.rechauffe cooking to kill the bateria. and make more delicious food.
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What is supreme' in cookery?

Supremes in the kitchen usually refer to wedges of citrus fruit (typically oranges and grapefruit) where the peel, pith, and skin are all removed, leaving nothing but the actu ( Full Answer )
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What are cookery tools?

Cookery tools is tools to help you cook.. Cookery tools is tools to help you cook.
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What is egg cookery?

To beat well, eggs should be cold and fresh. A few grains of salt added to the whites may hasten the process. In preparing egg-white for beating, one should be careful to ( Full Answer )
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What is dovetailing in cookery?

Doing more than one thing at once. For instance: washing some dishes while your food is in the oven.
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Is walm a cookery term?

Walm is not a cookery term in the English language. Might you be trying to spell "warm"? In cooking, "to warm" means to heat gently until the food is warm to the taste.
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What is cookery equipment?

All equipment required in the kitchen for cooking, starting with some kind of stove, and including knives, cutting boards, pots and pans of various shapes and sizes, stirring ( Full Answer )
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What is cookery term?

The act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat, as in this example, "people are needed who have experience in cookery"
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What is a cookery competition?

Cookery competition is an old term used for Cooking Competition. These competitions cover a wide variety of contestys which include the use of a specific sposors product(s), t ( Full Answer )