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What is the Principle of cookery?

The basic principle of cookery is to tenderize food so that it is  easier to digest. Taste of the food is also another important thing  to consider. The ultimate goal is to (MORE)

What are the principles in quantity cookery of poultry?

1. Cleanliness, sanitation, protection 2. Organization and a well thought out approach, recipe and cookware. 3. Preparation and staging, have everything you need in prepared (MORE)

What is egg cookery?

To beat well, eggs should be cold and fresh. A few grains of salt added to the whites may hasten the process. In preparing egg-white for beating, one should be careful to have (MORE)

What cookery method were used?

Always try to cook in Canola cooking oil ......... Canola oil is the best cooking oil ...for heart .....its keeps you fit and healthy ......its the only cooking oil which is 1 (MORE)

What is the function of milk in food cookery?

It acts as a 'liquifier" in batters etc... that need to be thinned out. It is used as a 'softener' in breadmaking - i.e the resulting loaves have a softer texture if milk is u (MORE)

What does Invalid cookery mean?

I think in this context it would mean "cooking for invalids" - invalid being an old-fashioned way of saying "unwell person". i.e it's a cookbook of what to feed ill people.
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What is cookery term?

The act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat, as in this example, "people are needed who have experience in cookery"