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Why is a cool person cool?

A person who is "cool" displays confidence and a calm, unflappable demeanor. Whether "cool" people are actually popular or not, their bearing suggests that they are, and they (MORE)

What is a cooling curve?

A cooling curve is a diagram or graph that provides a pictorial representation of the change of state or phase of a substance as it cools. It's a plot of temperature vs. time, (MORE)

What is after cooling?

  R u talking about engine coolant... The water in a IC engine circulates thru the engine where it picks up heat and disipates it thru the cooler (usually in front of th (MORE)
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Is London cool?

Yes it is a cool place to visit. I live there and i love it apart from the pollution.  13oC today. Very cool!  good place to visit is:  London eye  big Ben  going in (MORE)
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What can you do to be cool?

Well, Confidence is the main keys to being cool. It gives you a positive glow which others admire. Also, being nice to everyone sure does help. and when I say everyone, i mean (MORE)

Is cool spelled cool or kool?

The English word "cool" is spelled c-o-o-l. "Kool" is a brand of cigarettes in the US, and 'kewl' is how SOME people are beginning to spell the word.
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What does the cooling fan cool on a computer?

It cools mainly the Central Processing Unit (CPU), as well as the other components close to it. The CPU gets very hot, due to the speed at which it operates. This heat is disp (MORE)
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Why is cool math cool?

because you can learn while your having heaps of fun on the internet, in books, on paper on a communication devise.