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Why is a cool person cool?

A person who is "cool" displays confidence and a calm, unflappable demeanor. Whether "cool" people are actually popular or not, their bearing suggests that they are, and they (MORE)

How do you be cool?

Being "cool" is overrated.. it all falls by the wayside anyway.. the kids who werent cool in gradeschool become cool in college.. in the world of work and life there is no (MORE)

What is after cooling?

R u talking about engine coolant... The water in a IC engine circulates thru the engine where it picks up heat and disipates it thru the cooler (usually in front of the car) (MORE)

How are you cool?

It depends on what is popular in your school or wherever, copy off someone you think is cool and others too think that person is cool. If he/she needs improvements. be that pe (MORE)
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How does putting cool water on you cool you?

The water, being cooler, will absorb some of your body heat. This is the principle of heat transfer, where the temperature of all the bodies in a system attempt to reach on (MORE)
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What can you do to be cool?

Well, Confidence is the main keys to being cool. It gives you a positive glow which others admire. Also, being nice to everyone sure does help. and when I say everyone, i mean (MORE)
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How will you be cool?

Being cool should not matter. If your you your cool! Doing unsmart things won't make you cool or acting like a jerk won't either.
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What does the cooling fan cool on a computer?

It cools mainly the Central Processing Unit (CPU), as well as the other components close to it. The CPU gets very hot, due to the speed at which it operates. This heat is disp (MORE)