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How are cucumbers used?

  Slice them thinly, as thin as paper, and use them to top Danish open face sandwiches with various items such as mashed potatoes, cold cuts, lettuce, radishes, mayonnaise (MORE)

What vitamins are in cucumbers?

Cucumbers are a great source of vitamin K and molybdenum.  They are also a very good source of the pantothenic acid.  They are also a good source of copper, potassium,  man (MORE)

Can your rabbit have cucumber?

Cucumber is okay for rabbits as a treat. Treats (certain fruits and vegetables) should only be given to rabbits in moderation. A bite or two every couple days is a good guidel (MORE)

What vitamins in a cucumber?

Here is the nutrients in cucumber:  Half a cup of sliced cucumber with skins contains .34 grams protein, 8 calories and .3 grams fiber. - now see the vitamins and minerals.-- (MORE)

When do you pick cucumber?

You can pick a cucumber anytime. If you are canning you'd pick them when they are small to make small sweet pickles for example. I pick them at anytime. Some gardeners believe (MORE)

How do you plant cucumber?

There are a few considerations given when planting cucumbers. It is good to give consideration to plant the cucumber on the ridge. Before starting to plant the cucumber, get a (MORE)

Cucumbers on eyes?

Ancient wisdom dictates that nature has the best remedies to skin woes like dark circles. Cool cucumber slices and plain cool teabags are some examples. Vitamin C, too, is see (MORE)

Is a cucumber a berry?

They are in the family of Cucurbitaceae together with melons andsquash. Cucumbers are classified as epigynous berries or falseberries, as they develop from an inferior ovary. (MORE)

What are cucumbers?

I believe cucumbers are neutral, between fruits and veggies. Like  some other things like:   Tomatoes   Pumpkins(kind of)   All I can think of now.

What is the history of a cucumber?

A cucumber is the fruit of a vine which grows from the ground upwards, using any available support; cultivated plants are grown on trellises. The plant is from Asia, origina (MORE)