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What does a coolie mean?

Coolie (variously spelled Cooly, Kuli, Quli, etc.) is: * A contemporary racial slur for people of Asian descent, including people from India, Central Asia, etc. * A histor (MORE)

What does coolies mean?

  "Coolie" is an old term for an Asian (usually Chinese) worker, and is often seen in connection to the construction of the railroad in North America.   When used as an (MORE)

What is the definition of a fooly cooly?

The term "fooly cooly" is the American pronunciation of the Japanese animated series (and later manga) "FLCL" (Furi Kuri). The heavily surreal science fiction series was relea (MORE)
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What is a Coringhee coolie?

"Coringhee" refers to the Indian(s) (mainly Telugu people) from Southern India who emigrated to colonial Burma (Now Myanmar) across the Bay of Bengal in the nineteenth and twe (MORE)
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What is the meaning of coolie in the dictionary?

The meaning of coolie in the dictionary could be only one thing. It would be an unskilled laborer that can work for peanuts. They can especially be from China and India.
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Is Coolie a noun?

Yes, the word 'coolie' is a noun, a word for an unskilled worker,  usually from Asia (obsolete derogatory term), a word for a person.
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