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What did a cop winder do?

  A cop = a bobbin.   A cop winder wound thread (esp. cotton) onto bobbins, for use in a weaving mill.

What can the cops not do?

The cops can't search you without your consent unless they suspect you're armed or etc. They can't enter/search your house without your consent even if they think you have ill (MORE)

What is the meaning of cop out?

  cop·out n. Slang.   # A failure to fulfill a commitment or responsibility or to face a difficulty squarely.  # A person who fails to fulfill a commitment or respons (MORE)

How do become a cop?

There are a few requirements to being a (United States) police officer. 1. No felony criminal conviction 2. Over the age of 21 3. A United States Citizen 4. High Schoo (MORE)
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Can cops fight?

This question is too open ended to answer. Police Officers are typically trained in hand-to-hand combat, especially for submission and takedown moves, as well as how to brea (MORE)

What you need to be a cop?

Civil service regulations govern the appointment of police and detectives in most States, large municipalities, and special police agencies, as well as in many smaller jurisdi (MORE)

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