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What is copper?

Copper is a type of metal, and also a chemical element on the  peridoic table. It can be combined with tin to make brass or zinc  to make bronze. Copper has been found in Ir (MORE)

What does copper do?

Copper is used to make several different things such as, coins, boat bottoms, parts of guns, watches, clocks and even parts of musical instruments. In your body, copper is an (MORE)

How many amps is a 3 gauge copper wire rated for at 115 volts?

A #3 copper wire with an insulation rating of 90 degree C has the capacity to receive 105 amps. This is the most common or standard insulation that most calculations are based (MORE)

What is 3 uses for copper?

Copper is used for making wires, sheets,& tubes wires are used mainly in Electrical cables,printed circuits sheets are used for making utensils,other engineering components, T (MORE)