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How do you stop word files being copied or edited?

It is for all intents and purposes impossible to stop a file from being copied. Once you have given another person access to a file, they can copy it as much as they like. You (MORE)

Is the black velvet box marked Speciall Edition Six Feet Under a bootleg copy?

Almost certainly - there would be no chance that HBO would allow a misprint on the cover and it looks nothing like the real box set. The box itself is badly put together and (MORE)

Why is editing important?

yes ,It is right editing is required to catch mistakes but It checks the format also like how you write ,how your words matches with other words.
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Where can you edit your videos?

You can edit your videos in   iFastime Video Converter Ultimate, EDIUS, fcp x, Premiere Pro cc,  Camtasia,   1. Free software embeded on your system, like windows mov (MORE)

What is a Minor Edit?

Sometimes you go into an answer just to fix the spelling or make a small change and you don't add any important new information. When you do that, you should put a check mark (MORE)