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Were to find copycats pokedoll on SoulSilver?

Requirements: Return the Machine Part to the Power Plant. Saffron City ---------------- At any point after restoring the Power Plant in Cerulean City, fly here. Go up from (MORE)
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Where is copycat in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Saffron City Her house used to be the Train Station, but now you go down 1 street, and it is in 1 of the houses , right in front of the Magnet Train Station.
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Is copycat a compound word?

Yes, copycat is a compound word. It is two different words with different meanings. When put together it forms a whole new word with one meaning. Copy means something that (MORE)

Is copycat an idiom?

No because an idiom is a phrase that seems to mean one thing, but actually means another. "Copycat" is slang meaning that someone is just copying something that another person (MORE)
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How do you get on CBBC Copycats?

Go onto the CBBC website and go on be on a show, then if their looking for participants then it should come up.

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How can you get suicide?

Suicide is not a disease and cannot be caught or transmitted. Suicide, by definition, is just the act of killing oneself for any reason whatsoever. It's an action- to commit (MORE)

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Are you suicidal?

Seek help if you are possibly contemplating suicide as it is not the answer to anything. It only causes grief. Call this toll-free hotline in the US for assistance: 1-800-78 (MORE)

What is copycatting?

a Villon at supper power island that can make copy of her self it depends what copycatting you mean the Villon or doing the same thing another person is doing on purpose.
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