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How can you get a copyright?

You need to write something original and then publish it, applying the copyright mark, the date and your name. ------------------------------------------ Bear in mind that (MORE)

What can not be copyrighted?

common everyday words cannot be copyrighted Numbers cannot be copyrighted that is why we had a 8084 a 80284 a 80384 a 80484 and then all of a sudden they called the next on (MORE)

What does copyright do?

Copyright law protects the rights of creators of intellectual property in the form of creative literary works, music and lyrics, motion pictures, graphics and pictorial works, (MORE)

Why do we have copyright?

Copyright arose in response to a situation in England where authors and publishers would put considerable time and effort into creating a book, only to have cheap reproduction (MORE)

Who did copyrighting?

I'm not sure what you mean by this. Copyright is a bundle of rights ascribed to the creator of a work, giving him or her the exclusive right to copy, alter, distribute, or (MORE)

What do you copyright?

Me? Any sufficiently original work that I've fixed in a tangible medium. So mostly written text, but also photographs, and a couple of songs.