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Why are there no coral reefs in coasts of UK?

it is because the type of organism that makes coral reef colonies , can not survive in great Britain's cold waters. It can only survive in warmer waters and would die in Engla (MORE)
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In what ways can you protect the coral reefs?

You can protect coral reefs by not droping your anchor on the coral reef.Second do not poulte water.If you poulte water and drop your anchor you are killing the coral,and fish (MORE)

How they save the coral reefs?

1. If you dive or snorkel - Take only photos and leave only bubbles! Keep your fins, equipment, and hands off the coral reefs. A single touch can kill live corals. 2. Recycle (MORE)

What are some coral reef decomposers?

There are many decomposers in coral reef but heres one a fan worm.The Main Decomposer is bacteria , a bacteria can live there because of chemosynthisis.There are many thousand (MORE)
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What are the difference of corals and coral reefs?

A coral reef is a colony of corals. A coral reef can be formed on rock rubble, but old established coral reefs are actually structured out of dead coral. This is one of the re (MORE)

What is the status of coral reefs in Philippines?

The status of the Philippine Coral Reefs is being updated for almost 3 decades. In 2004, it was reported that Philippine reefs are experiencing a steady-state decline in per (MORE)

What is the general appearance of the coral reef?

Colonies of coral take on many shapes and sizes. No two look the same. Some resemble plants, some resemble brains, some are spiraling while others are flat like a table top. A (MORE)

What is an example of mutualism in coral reefs?

There is a symbiotic relationship between zooxanthellae and coral. The zooxanthellae is a type of algae which accelerates coral skeleton growth, gives coral its beautiful colo (MORE)
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Why are coral reefs at risk?

There are several primary reasons as to why coral reefs are in  danger:    Rising acidity in the ocean -   Carbon dioxide in the air dissolves into the ocean, formin (MORE)

Where abouts is the coral reef?

It depends what you mean by 'the coral reef', if you mean just coral reefs in general, you can find them in any tropical, warm and fairly shallow waters. If you mean the Great (MORE)