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What is the weather of the coral reef like?

The weather in the Coral Reef would include the following. There is no direct rainfail to the coral in the coral reef, because it is submerged in water 24/7. (in the ocean) In (MORE)
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What are the difference of corals and coral reefs?

A coral reef is a colony of corals. A coral reef can be formed on rock rubble, but old established coral reefs are actually structured out of dead coral. This is one of the re (MORE)
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Where are coral reefs found?

Coral reefs are underwater structures that are made from calcium  carbonate that is made from corals. Most of the coral reefs are  found in the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Pacifi (MORE)

Is a coral and a coral reef the same thing?

Well coral is just a small microscopic organism that builds up to form a little piece of coral. But a coral reef is just a massive colonie of coral . So yeah ,that is,with my (MORE)

What are the meanings of 'coral' and 'coral reef'?

Coral Reefs - are stony structures formed underwater . They are mostly madeup of the framework of dead corals . They come in different sizes , shapes , and colors making them (MORE)
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Where is the coral reef?

Coral reefs are found below sea level in shallow waters surrounding islands or continents alike where water temperatures are tropical and subtropical as far as any sun lights (MORE)

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