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Is Sincerely and Cordially the same?

Yes. they are the same in the sense that you can close a correspondence with either of them. But the meanings are not quite the same, and if you are being painfully careful ab (MORE)

How do you make Grape cordial?

Cordials of all kinds are -super- easy to make! You will need:a bottle of either whiskey or vodkaa bottle, jar or other glass container to 'brew' your mix in (make sure the s (MORE)

What is a cordial glass?

  A cordial glass may also be called a liqueur glass. This is a small stemmed glass (looks like a mini wine glass) generally used for after dinner drinks or dessert wines (MORE)

What is a cordial person?

The correct definition of a cordial person is one who is polite. A cordial person is not necessarily helpful or friendly, but merely polite, adhering to good manners.
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How healthy is lime cordial?

Lime cordial is not a very healthy choice. It is lime juice mixed  in with sugar juice. It has high amounts of sugar, therefore it is  not considered a good drink to have if (MORE)

How do you use cordially in a sentence?

"You are cordially invited to my party." It means respectfully. John was cordially invited to the Uniqua's wedding You are cordially invited to the party. You are cordia (MORE)

What is a Cordials?

Cordial may refer to: . Cordial may refer to: . Squash (drink), an extremely sweet non-alcoholic fruitflavoured drink concentrate that is diluted with water to taste. Itis (MORE)

Is a cordial a compound or mixture?

A cordial (drink made from liqueur) is a mixture of several mixtures, each containing several (possibly many) compounds, including ethanol, sugars, and any of several organic (MORE)