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How was Cordite used in the Civil War?

The invention of cordite did not occur until 1889. It was alsoinvented in the United Kingdom. It was not used during the CivilWar.
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What is cordite?

\n. A mix of nitrocellulose and nitrogylcerine, usually extruded in sticks, and used as a propellant (gunpowder) in firearms and cannon.
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In a DUI case if the pencil to eye cordition is conducted with the driver inside the vihcle is this a valid test?

If you track a moving object with your eyes while you are drunk, your eyes will quiver as you look to the side. There is no way to prevent this from happening and, so long as ( Full Answer )
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Is cordite safe after 60 years in the sea?

70 years more like! It should be safe under water but it is a highly explosive substance and if your thinking of moving it to dry land, the Anti-terror squad might be on your ( Full Answer )