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Who has the best cordless phone?

I've had many cordless phones but my present one far exceeds them all. It's an AT&T EP5632. The phone has many programmable features that once you have use you can't do withou (MORE)
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What is the range of a cordless phone?

It depends on the type of phone, and where you use it. Some phones if they have a clear 'line of sight' between the handset and base can work up to half a mile apart. A cordl (MORE)
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Are there cordless graphic pads?

Yes; models and prices varies. if you are intrested in buying one look at online retailers or go to your local Tech store.
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When did cordless telephones become popular?

In the late 1990s, cordless telephones gained wide consumer acceptance with an estimated 40 percent household penetration in the United States
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Are cordless telephones encrypted or not?

As far as I have been able to search - DECT phones are encrypted BUT it's a weak encryption using 35 & 64 bits. It's (apparently) fairly easy to 'impersonate' a base stati (MORE)
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How do cordless phones work?

They are effectively two radio transmitters working simultaneously. When you talk. the sound is transmitted to the base station, which sends it down the phone-line. The incomi (MORE)
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How do cordless mice and cordless keyboards work?

Cordless keyboards and mice use wireless signals (usually either radio or bluetooth) to communicate with a receptor (usually a small usb stick that plugs into a USB port on yo (MORE)
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Why does cordless phone echo?

Because the delay on the signal may make you hear it a split second after you speak it, as the person you are talking to would.
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What is a sentence with cordless in it?

Cordless phones became popular because they didn't restrict a caller to a small space while talking on the phone. Cordless means, literally, "without cord". Cordless products (MORE)