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What is the meaning of corinna?

The main meaning of the name Corinna is maiden. This nameoriginated in the Greek language and was found commonly in poemsfrom the fifth century.

What does the name Corinna mean?

How wierd? Someone in my form is called corinna but she dont kno what it means either! Well you should be happy that Great Publishers havent written your name down in dict (MORE)

Is there anybody named Corinna?

There are lots of people in the world named Corinna. My name is Corinna. there is a town called Corinna. People spell it differently too. Like Corrina, Corinna, Corina, and mo (MORE)
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Which stores sell Foley and Corinna bags?

There are many shops that sell Foley and Corinna bags. Some of the shops are SHOPBOP, Zappos, 6PM, Amazon and SHOPSTYLE. Foley and Corinna also has its own online store.