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Is cork the bark of a cork oak?

Yes, the tree forms a thick, rugged and corky bark. Over time this bark can develop considerable thickness and this can be harvested every 10-12 years as cork. The harvesting (MORE)

What is cork grease?

Cork grease is a substance that "greases" the corks on any woodwind instrument. This makes it much easier to put together. If corks do not get greased enough, they will tear a (MORE)

What is cork made of?

Cork is made from a cork tree or cork oak. This is a variety of quercus which is the family of trees including the oak.
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What is the population of Cork?

In the 2011 census, the recorded population of County Cork was  519,032. Splitting this, the population of the city of Cork was  119,230 and the population of the remainder (MORE)

What is a cork ball?

  Cork Ball, as it was played in the southend of Columbus, Oh. after WWll consisted of simply a fishing cork and a cutoff broomstick handle. The cork was normally wrapped (MORE)
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Does cork burn?

Cork burns great. I was saving them for an art project that I never started. I had about 100 and put 25 at a time in the fireplace to see if they would burn because I was runn (MORE)

Why is there cork on a coaster?

There is cork on a coaster so the glass or mug won't slip off and it saves the table from water marks.
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What will glue cork to cork?

Cork does not need to be glued. If it is compressed in the bottle neck, and then made wet, the water makes the cork expand. Have you tried super glue or hot glue gun? Not sure (MORE)

Do corks have vacuoles?

yes cork does have a large vacuoles because it is a plant cell. all plant cells have vacuoles that take up most of the volume in a plant cell. cork is a non-living cell from t (MORE)