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What is a cormorant?

Cormorants are any of several large, widely distributed marine diving birds having dark plumage, webbed feet, a slender hooked bill, and a distensible pouch. Many species of c (MORE)
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Where are cormorants located?

Cormorants are located near rivers, lakes and along the coastline.  They mainly eat fish they find by swimming and diving. The birds  are common in North America, from the A (MORE)
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Where cormorants live?

Great cormorants eat mostly small fish, but they occasionally catch other water creatures such as crayfish, squid, frogs, salamanders, snakes, and insects. They catch most of (MORE)
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What do cormorants?

Coromorants eat fish, eels, and water snakes. Some cormorants can  dive to depths of up to 45 feet when fishing.

How big do a cormorant get?

  This depends on the species ,as there are 40 species .The largest of the species the flightless cormorant grow to 100 cm(40 inches) and weigh 5 kg (11Ib)The smallest of (MORE)

Where do cormorants breed?

  What species?   Most species nest in trees or on rocks close to or over, or in, water.
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Can you eat cormorants?

You can in fact eat cormorants. They are good for pate and in  casseroles and have been known to taste like fish.