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When was the cornet invented?

The cornet was invented in the early 19th century and developed by the post horn. The cornet sound ranges from lower C sharp to high C. B playing one myself it is very, very h ( Full Answer )
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How do you get on mt cornet?

you have to go thru the cave that leeds to mt cornet(at the bottem)and just keep'll need certain Pokemon that have the right HMS to get thru the obsticals like bo ( Full Answer )
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How to unblock a cornet?

Make sure it is not the valves, a valve(s) may have been put in backwards. Disassemble the instrument and use air pressure to locate the blockage. Use a wooden stick and air p ( Full Answer )
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What vibrates on a cornet?

The lips of the player vibrate into the mouthpiece, the cornet starts to vibrate too.
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What rhymes with cornet?

cornet, Hammett, Mamet,emmet, semmit,helmet, pelmet,remit , limit , kismet , climate,comet, grommet, vomit,Goldschmidt,plummet, summit,Hindemith,hermit, Kermit, permit,gannet, ( Full Answer )
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What to do in mt cornet?

Depends where you are in the game. If you've defeated Team Galactic in their HQ in Veilstone City, then you go to the top of Mt. Coronet. Other than that, you just pass throug ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about cornet?

It is in b-flat It was originally called the Cornopean. The lowest note is a low f-sharp and this highest is c. It was originally made with two valves but was then changed to ( Full Answer )
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Who thought of the cornet?

Tis a variation of the Coroniat which was a large lead pipe with several holes. It had a muted brass sound and was invented by Loal Waldorf Mashagowitz of Poland in 1492.
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What is a repiano cornet?

The repiano cornet is a part rather than an instrument. It found inbrass band scores and is played on a standard B-flat cornet.
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What is A sharp cornet?

Same as a B-flat cornet. Brass instruments, when transposing, are always referred to in a flat key rather than sharp.