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What is cornstarch?

Starch is chemically related to sugar. The molecule is made of several sugar molecules. That makes it a polysaccharide. Plants use starch to store energy. Cornstarch is the st (MORE)
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What does cornstarch do to you?

If you are eating it-> high blood pressure, diabeties (sp), yeast infection, rashes, bladder stimulation, cracked mouth, vaginal discharge and more.
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What food has cornstarch in it?

Lots of foods have cornstarch in them. Pudding usually has cornstarch. It is used most often as a thickening agent, in gravies, sauces, and condiments. It is sometimes used as (MORE)

Is cornstarch an element?

No, cornstarch is not an element. To be an element, a substance must have all the same type of atom. Once it has this, it can go on the Periodic Table. So, as cornstarch has m (MORE)

What is the alternative of cornstarch?

arrowroot (This tolerates freezing and prolonged cooking better, and imparts a glossier finish.) OR ClearJel® (especially for pie fillings) OR tapioca starch (dissolves more (MORE)

How do you get cornstarch from cornflour?

Cornstarch is cornflour, just ground to a smaller diameter. If you have cornflour and a grinder, just grind it some more, just like you would grind crystallized sugar into i (MORE)