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How do you get cornstarch from cornflour?

Cornstarch is cornflour, just ground to a smaller diameter. If you have cornflour and a grinder, just grind it some more, just like you would grind crystallized sugar into i (MORE)

What does cornstarch do to a cake?

Cornstarch makes cakes lighter and more moist. Since cornstarch absorbs more liquid than flour does you only need half the amount of cornstarch as flour in a recipe. It works (MORE)

Does cornstarch spoil?

ANSWER:If kept in a dry, airtight container, it will last you forever. If it gets damp, or solidifies it can be subject to bacterial growth.
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What is cornstarch?

Starch is chemically related to sugar. The molecule is made of several sugar molecules. That makes it a polysaccharide. Plants use starch to store energy. Cornstarch is the st (MORE)

What does cornstarch do in baking?

Cornstarch, made from endosperm of corn kernels, is very important in the effectiveness of baking powder because it: absorps moisture, prevents baking soda and acid from react (MORE)

What is the alternative of cornstarch?

arrowroot (This tolerates freezing and prolonged cooking better, and imparts a glossier finish.) OR ClearJel® (especially for pie fillings) OR tapioca starch (dissolves more (MORE)