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Is cornstarch safe for mice?

Yes it is, but you should not feed it to them. They will only eat  it if they are starving.
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What happens when you mix cornstarch and alcohol?

It turns into a mixture similar to lotion. It has a creamy  consistency that holds peaks and absorbs into your skin. It doesn't  harden or turn back to a liquid like cornsta (MORE)

Can you substitute cornstarch for plain flour?

Most often in baking, no. Wheat flour has gluten in it which forms a big tangled net that traps air bubbles when it is baked, which makes the result light and fluffy. Cornstar (MORE)

Does tesco sell cornstarch?

Yes, and Asda etc. But it's called corn flour in the UK. Same stuff that used as a gravy thickener etc. Look in the flour isles. There similar but not the same. Corn starch (MORE)

How do you test for cornstarch?

You can test for starch in general using the chemical iodine test. If starch is present, a solution of iodine (I2) turns blue-black.
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Does cornstarch spoil?

ANSWER:If kept in a dry, airtight container, it will last you forever. If it gets damp, or solidifies it can be subject to bacterial growth.
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Who else craves cornstarch?

  I USED to!!! For years I've eaten corn starch; I saw my aunt do it when I was like 10 or 11. I started eating it here and there. But then it became an addiction all the (MORE)

What can be substituted for cornstarch?

  Arrowroot could be used in place of cornstarch. It gives a clearer finish to products especially in patissierie.
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Where can you buy crunchy argo cornstarch?

You can't buy it crunchy anymore, but to make it crunchy you have to heat the starch. The best way to heat it isin the microwave for 2-3 minutes. First step: pack the starch t (MORE)

What does cornstarch do in baking?

Cornstarch, made from endosperm of corn kernels, is very important in the effectiveness of baking powder because it: absorps moisture, prevents baking soda and acid from react (MORE)