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How do you get to Cornwall?

If driving you need to get to the M5 and head south. At Exeter the motorway ends and the road becomes the A38. You can follow this all the way to Plymouth and across the bridg (MORE)

What is Cornwall?

Cornwall is a country with its own language, culture and distinct history. It has the constitutional status of a Duchy and has never had any Act of Union of Joinder with Engla (MORE)

Is Cornwall good and why?

Cornwall is brilliant i would love to go and live there again. you can vist the beach but be care full for seagulls they don't do any harm but just don't feed them. you can al (MORE)
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How do you get from Dublin to Cornwall?

You could fly to one of the nearby airports and drive the rest of the way. You could also get a ferry to Wales and go by road from there.
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