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Does duchess of Cornwall smoke?

No, not any more. While the Duchess WAS a smoker in earlier years,  she gave up the habit quite a few years ago.
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How long does it take to get from Cornwall to London?

In a car a trip to London from Cornwall is about 5-6 hours. Unless you get stuck in traffic. If you are travelling on a coach it takes longer because they have speed limits. T (MORE)

Who was General Cornwallis?

  Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis (31 December 1738 - 5 October 1805) was a British military commander and colonial governor. In the United States, he is best (MORE)

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What did Cornwallis do in Virginia?

general Cornwallis reatreated to Virginia marking the end of the revolutionary war Cornwallis markets the end of the revolutionary war. The Cornwallisretreated to Virginia.
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Is there a mosque in Cornwall?

Original answer: As of November 2009, there is no formal place of  worship in Cornwall, however, the "Cornwall Asian Community Centre"  accommodates Muslim prayer. It is loc (MORE)

How was Cornwallis trapped?

In 1781, during what turned out to be the decisive (and final)  major battle of the Revolutionary War, Lord Cornwallis and his  large army were trapped at Yorktown through a (MORE)

How often does Cornwall have snow?

This is a good question.It is easy to answer because Conrwall doesn't get snow that often as it is too mild! But in January 2010 the whole of Cornwall was covered in a blanket (MORE)