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How do you get to mt coronet?

There are three entrances to Mt. coronet.   1) Go left from Eterna city. 2) go right from Celestic town. 3) go  left from Heartome City.   Only the route you take fro (MORE)
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Where is spear pillar in mt coronet?

at the very top.(just in case bring: a few escape ropes, max repels, ultra balls if you want some of the good Pokemon like giritina or dialga or palkia,and you need Pokemon th (MORE)
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Where in mt coronet is absol in platinum?

start from celestic or hearthome and go into mt coronet, and go up. u need surf, rock climb, and rock smash and strength. keep going through the second room and ull see a hole (MORE)
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Where is team galactic in mount coronet?

Team Galactic in Mt. Coronet is when you get to the top ( the snowy part) go out of the cave into the snow, then go right through the grass, up, then you find the rocky wall, (MORE)

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