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Why is there rivalry between royal engineers and royal artillery?

If my memory serves me correctly, the Artillery were the first regular Army Unit raised towards the end of the 100 years war as the most Honourable Companie of Artillerie and (MORE)

What are the ranks in Royal Engineers?

The RE is a corps of the British Army, and thus uses the same rank structure as the rest of the Army, the only difference being that private soldiers are called "Sappers". A (MORE)

Where did the nickname 'jimmy' for the royal corps of signals capbadge originate?

The origins of this nickname are unclear. According to one explanation, the badge is referred to as "Jimmy" because the image of (the ancient Greek god) Mercury was based on t (MORE)

When did the royal engineers become 'royal'?

Officers - King's Engineers were first formed on a permanent establishment in Norman times and were employed on fortification works. With the introduction of gunpowder to (MORE)