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Why do cows keep chewing food?

because cows have 4 stomachs, their food goes into one, comes back up into their mouth, then goes into their 2nd stomach, and so on. all because their food (grass) is so hard (MORE)

Can a dog die from chewing on a cigarette?

No, the tobacco will not kill the dog if the dog ingests it. The dog may get sick and vomit after eating tobacco. The filter on the cigarette is more dangerous to the dog if i (MORE)

Is a k9 dog a guide dog?

The term "K9" is typically used in reference to police or military dogs, not guide dogs. Added: Actually, the term "K9" comes from the Latin word for dog, canine. I think i (MORE)

What can guide dogs do?

guide dogs help blind people walk. they guide them. the dogs are specially trained to stop, turn cross roads etc.

How do you keep your dog from chewing on your new deck?

To prevent a dog from chewing on something they shouldn't, first it  would be a good idea to spray the surface you don't want chewed  with a deterrent such as bitter apple s (MORE)

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