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What prevents osteoporosis?

Calcium and vitamin D in the diet are important in the prevention  of osteoporosis.    Exercise is also important. As bone loss begins around age 30,  there are thing (MORE)

When should you start preventing osteoporosis?

You reach your maximum bone mass in your mid-twenties, so osteoporosis prevention starts in your teens, by getting enough calcium and doing load-bearing exercise like walking (MORE)

How do you prevent Osteoporosis?

To prevent osteoporosis you have to eat a healthy diet, get exercie, and dont smoke. Consuming one or two alcoholic drinks per day reduces women's risk of developing brittle (MORE)

What is osteoporosis and how can it be prevented?

A bone disease that men and women can get. This disease thins and weakens bones putting them at risk for broken bones. Preventive measures a diet rich in calcium and vitamin (MORE)

What mineral prevents osteoporosis?

Calcium. But its not as much the mineral as the process of ossification. The problem is that the process of bone resorption is faster than bone deposit. Typically, both of the (MORE)

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