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Can a DEP recruit enter the navy overweight?

It is possible for a recruit in the Delayed Entry Program to ship to boot camp over their maximum weight allowance as long as they are within their allowable body fat percenta (MORE)
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Do navy recruits have leave after boot camp?

NO! You will not get leave no matter what you may hear. You will receive about 3 days of liberty, which means you can leave in the morning and will have to come back at night. (MORE)
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Where can you find a us navy recruitment office in the Philippines?

You may want to contact: Joint US Military Assistance Group JUSMAG U.S. Embassy 1201 Roxas Boulevard Manila, Philippines 1000 Tel. No. 528-6300 extension 6337 Fax No. 63-2-52 (MORE)

The Greenleaf Guide To Ancient Literature Answers?

  Literature 1     1. Read Deuteronomy 18:9-12.   2. List the activities or people God says we are to avoid.   After you make this list, I would recommend t (MORE)
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Can you get personal portraits from navy recruits of 1977-1978?

It depends on where they went to RTC; e.g., if it was in San Diego like myself, the base is closed, so it would be pretty difficult to find the source photographers. Everyone (MORE)

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