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What is a sequestered jury?

A sequestered jury is a group of usually twelve jurors who have been directed by the judge in the case that they will be held in accommodations, away from news, media and othe (MORE)

What is a foreman in a jury?

He is elected by the jury members. He calls for votes and submits the final verdict to the judge.
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Who can be on a jury?

  For federal courts, anyone who is:   18 or older   a U.S. citizen   a registered voter   not a convicted felon   Note: each state has its own set of laws (MORE)
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What is a hang jury?

It is actually called a "hung jury" and it is when the jurors cannot decide on a verdict in a trial. They cannot come to a consensus or agreement.

What is Corpus fund?

This term generally refers to money donated to a charity with the provision that the principle will not be spent, but the income from the principle or corpus will be used for (MORE)

What is corpus callosum?

The cortex is divided into two sections called the cerebral hemispheres, which are connected by a thick, tough band of neural fibers called the corpus callosum. The corpus cal (MORE)
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What is a corpus luteum?

A corpus luteum is a hormone-secreting structure that develops in  an ovary. It develops after an ovum has been discharged, but  degenerates after a few days unless pregnanc (MORE)

What is a corpus in teaching?

A corpus is a database of spoken or written language. The words in a corpus can be collected from a variety of sources. For example, words in a written corpus may come from (MORE)

How did the twelve tables and Corpus Juries Civil is affect the ancient Romans?

The Law of the Twelve Tables improved the lives of ordinary Romans.  The Roman plebeians demanded the compilation of a set of written  and published laws so that there would (MORE)