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Is you and me correct?

Sometimes. It depends on the context. "You and me" is correct when it is the object of the verb. "You and I" is correct when it is the subject. You can tell whether to use " (MORE)
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If I were you is that correct?

You would use the phrase "If I were you", to make informalsuggestions or give informal advice. For examples: . If I were you, I'd have a doctor look at that cut because itlo (MORE)
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What is it for me is this correct?

Are you asking if the sentence 'What is it for me?' is grammatically correct? If so, the answer is 'no'. Here are some variations on that sentence which are grammatically corr (MORE)
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Are you correct?

I should certainly bloody hope so. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing a good job in regards to answering questions, would I?
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Which is correct if I were him or if I was him?

Both verbs are correct, with different meaning. The subjunctive if I were is used to express a contrary-to-fact condition in the present: If I were he, I would be someone el (MORE)

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Is 'A' the correct answer?

On a multiple choice test with answers of A, B, C, and D, the answer of 'A' would only be the correct answer if all other choices are incorrect.
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Which is correct i was or i were?

Usually we say I was because I is  singular and was is the singular past be verb.    eg I was sick last night.    However for some conditional sentences were is (MORE)
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Which is correct I was you or I were you?

It depends on the context. 'I was you' could be correct: If you are writing a conditional sentence then "I were you" is correct. This is only for 'impossible conditions' wher (MORE)