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Is it correct to say i am she?

Yes. The predicate nominative "she" follows the copula ( "linking verb") am. Many people will say " I am her" but it is incorrect because her is an object form, not a predicat (MORE)
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Is you and me grammatically correct?

The correct grammar is YOU AND I if used as a subject, e.g. ""You & I will have a jolly good time". Correct grammar requires YOU AND ME if used as an object, e.g. "This is jus (MORE)
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Is it correct to say that is he or that is him?

My understanding is that you would use she or he. See this example: "Who was the person who stole your purse, ma'am?" The officer asked the victim. She pointed to the thir (MORE)

Is discussed about correct?

Prepositions. (e.g. at, about, for, from, to, with, etc) Prepositions in the English language are a matter of common usage, and it is not always easy to see a pattern. Eve (MORE)
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Is you and me correct?

Sometimes. It depends on the context. "You and me" is correct when it is the object of the verb. "You and I" is correct when it is the subject. You can tell whether to use " (MORE)
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Which is correct if I were him or if I was him?

Both verbs are correct, with different meaning. The subjunctive if I were is used to express a contrary-to-fact condition in the present: If I were he, I would be someone el (MORE)

What is correction?

process of correcting something   Answer 2 a change that makes something right, true, accurate, etc.the act of making something (such as an error or a bad condition) accur (MORE)
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Has been corrected or have been corrected?

Either way can be correct. For example: Janette has corrected my misspellings in my essay. I have corrected Janette's misspellings in her essay. It can go either way; it ju (MORE)
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Is it correct grammar to say 'you were correct'?

Yes, 'you were correct' is perfect grammar. An example sentence: You were correct when you said that a tomato is a fruit.
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