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What is biological corrosion?

Biological corrosion results when microorganisms such as bacteria feed on fuel. in these cases the waste generated contains acids and other chemicals that promote electron flo (MORE)
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What is waterline corrosion?

Waterline corrosion: when water is stored in a metallic tank, it is observed that the metal below the waterline gets corroded. It is because the water below the waterline is p (MORE)

What causes corrosion?

Basically, corrosion is a disintegration of a material. Corrosion is typically associated with rusting, but that is only one type of corrosion. Other types of corrosion includ (MORE)

The corrosion of iron?

rusting of iron . means when you put an iron object left open in moist air .... the moist air come into contact with the iron article and a brown flaky layer of iron oxide is (MORE)
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What is immersed corrosion?

Immersed Corrosion refers to a type of metal corrosion when the  metal is immersed in a liquid.

What is corrosion?

Corrosion is a chemical reaction in which molecules break down due  to a chemical reaction with its surroundings. Most often, corrosion  is the electro-chemical oxidation of (MORE)

How do you remedy corrosion?

its pretty much over once a car gets to that stage, even if you give it a 3000 dollar body job , the rust will return. Best advice is buy a newer car and underspray it every s (MORE)

Define corrosion?

Corrosion is a natural process, which converts a refined metal to amore stable form, such as its oxide, hydroxide, or sulfide.
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Is bronze corrosive?

No, bronze is an alloy it is not a corrosive material.   Bronze will corrode when exposed to corrosive materials (e.g.  acids, salts, oxygen, sulfur, halogens).
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Are gases corrosive?

It depends on the gas. Air is an example of a gas, and it isn't  corrosive as we are breathing it right now. However, gases such as  ammonia, chlorine, fluorine and carbon m (MORE)