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What is a corset?

Over 100 years ago, the corset was regularly used by women. It is now a lingerie worn to have a desire to have a small waist. It sometimes is laced up the back and also at the (MORE)
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What is corset training?

Corset training is the practice of wearing a corset 23 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to reshape the upper body. This is also known as 23/7 waist training or tightlacing, (MORE)

What is a surgical corset?

A corset is worn to shape or hold the torso. A surgical corset isoften given by a doctor's recommendation for medical purposes.Conditions include internal injuries or scoliosi (MORE)

What are corsets?

A corset is a garment worn to hold and shape the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes (either for the duration of wearing this item, or with a more las (MORE)

What is a corset piercing?

A corset piercing is multiple piercings along the sides of the back, using CBRs (captive bead rings). They can be laced up using ribbon, giving the look of a corset, hence the (MORE)

Where can you get a corset?

Timeless Trends has great, steel-boned corsets with a lifetime guarantee. They are very affordable too (most are $99).

What was a corset really for?

In the first half of the nineteenth century, women would wear them for fashion. They would aim for the perfect 16 to 18 inch waist. After wearing them for a certain amount of (MORE)