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What is Cosmetics Merits and Demerits of Cosmetics what is natural cosmetics and its merits?

The merits are increasing confidence, demerits are when young women are made to feel they need to put too much on and their natural attributes (sometimes more appealing) are h (MORE)
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What can cosmetics do to you?

They can make you look GORGEOUS! Some make-up can cover wrinkles, bring out your eye color, put more color in your face, naturlize, pamper your face, smooth it out, bronze it (MORE)

What are the advantages of cosmetics?

I DON'T USE COSMETICS MUCH..CAUSE'...MUJHSE AUNTYIYO JESE KAM NI HOTE...LOL....n google se question to hum pooch re hai...btane ke jgh humara question he humse pooch...rha hai (MORE)
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What are color cosmetics?

Make a list of the types of makeup you are looking for -- including  foundation, blush or eye shadows. Create a budget to help with  preparing yourself before overspending o (MORE)

Is cosmetics a noun?

Yes, the word cosmetics is a noun, a common, concrete, plural noun;  a word for products or preparations applied to the skin, to improve  its appearance.    Note: The (MORE)
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How do you preserve cosmetics?

All you have to do is keep them in a cool dark place.,Try finding a  drawer that's on the North side of your house away from sunlight.  Put them in separate zip lock bags so (MORE)
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Is a soap a cosmetics?

Yes it is a cosmetic soap that which is used for enhancing beauty and has cosmetic factors and is used as spa.There are also fairness soaps.
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