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What is a cosmetologist?

An expert in the use of cosmetics (makeup). Cosmetologists also help people with hairstyles, coloring, nails, skin care, and other things to do with beauty.
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What do cosmetologists do?

Cosmetology helps u become a licensed cosmetologist!! what we ishelp u prepare for ur license, teaches u how to do more then thebasic of hair! -------------------------------- (MORE)
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Where do cosmetologist work?

they work behind the stage to do makeup for the performers, or just at a salon.
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What are the types of cosmetologists?

well a cosmetolgist is any type of one trained person skilled in the arts of cosmetology. the main sudivisions are as followed:. -hairstylist. -esthetician (or sometimes sp (MORE)
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What do you have to do to be a cosmetologist?

Requirements vary from state to state. For example, I'm from Texas, so I had to attend an accredited school for 1500 hours (40 hours/week equals about 9-10 months) with a spec (MORE)

What do you do as a cosmetologist?

being a cosmetologist you have to cut, dye hair. You can shave mens facial hair. pluck or wax unwanted hair. Do nails as in manicures and pedicures. But you can just choose to (MORE)