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How does Cosmo die?

Tails has to fire a cannon at her himself and she also died perposly to save the world from the mederex. How she found that out was her mother somehow contacted her and told h (MORE)

Why are cosmos important to indigenous people?

The cosmos is important to indigenous people because it allowed them to track the stars. During different seasons, the constellations are in different locations, using the sta (MORE)

Are cosmos poisonous to dogs?

Cosmos are part of the Asteraceae family of plants and as such should not be toxic to canines.
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What is the cosmos?

The cosmos has a similar meaning to the words 'universe' and  'world', however the true definition of cosmos is that it is a  spiritual force that exists within the human mi (MORE)

How can you unlock the lg cosmos?

The LG Cosmos is a CDMA device and you cannot unlock CDMA devices. You can only unlock GSM devices (ones that require a SIM card). If you are wanting to change service provide (MORE)